August 7, 2023

1991 Subaru Legacy Turbo Sport Sedan

1991 Subaru Legacy Turbo Sport Sedan

1991 Subaru Legacy Turbo Sport Sedan For Sale

Found an all-wheel drive mid-size car offered for sale as a potential bone to restore. It's a flagship car of the Japanese automobile manufacturer Subaru, well-known as the Subaru Legacy comes from the first generation lineage realesed in 1991.

This 1991 Subaru Legacy Turbo Sport 4-door sedan with a rare factory 5-speed manual transmission, finished in pearl white over grey upholstery. The Legacy was listed by the owner on Craigslist for $7,500 in Milwaukie, Oregon.

Since late of the 80s, Subaru designed the Legacy as an all-new model, and positioned it above the Leone, XT, Justy, and kei cars in Subaru's model range at the time, to compete with its traditional competitors, such as Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Mazda 626, and Nissan Stanza in the lucrative North American mid-size market.

This an early Legacy Sport Sedan for US models offered in 1991 featuring a turbocharged EJ22T closed-deck block engine. Unique to the US market, it was SOHC, with different pistons, oil squirters, oil coolers only for the '91 model year, and other enhancements. Where the Subaru Legacy with automatic transmission sold much more at that time, making units with a more powerful 5-speed manual transmission rarest today. And this was the last turbocharged Subaru model sold in the US until the 2002 WRX debuted.

Not a good angle shoot can't represent all interior sides. The grey upholstery on the two bucket seats looks good, without tearing, it has a center console with a transmission shifter on it, the rest we leave it to you to see it closely about the actual conditions. Overall is a lot better without the rotted area shown. The angle of the shot doesn't show headliner and dashboard conditions, hopefully, no tear, no crack, and all instruments such as gauges, AC, and radio are still on it, which would be great to restore.

This one retains its original engine and, stored for a long time ago, and all of the parts are there. That would be perfect for value because rarety and big-name Subaru is one of the top Japanese brands. In early on the 90s, the Subaru Legacy has a lot of good reputation in the North American market and was declared the number-one-selling all-wheel drive car in the US and was the least expensive Sedan or Wagon offering both all-wheel drive and ABS.

Details by seller
1991 Legacy Turbo Sport Sedan.

Rare factory 5 speed manual in pearl white.

JDM TD05-16G 90-degree inlet turbocharger
JDM Air over water intercooler - needs heat exchanger and pump installed.
Full turbo-back custom stainless exhaust - v-band connections.
Walbro 255 fuel pump.
Full LINK G4+ plug and play ECM. Speed Density (no MAF and can use any sensors, even non-Subaru).
Custom speed density stainless intake.
Custom stainless upper water tank.
AEM inline wideband with new sensor.
Mishimoto aluminum radiator (US made before they went to China).
Process controller for AEM AFR display.
EJ205 Exedy clutch and Exedy lightweight flywheel with about 20k on them.
2006 STi struts and springs.
Tribeca front sway bar.
RaliTek rear sway bar and end links (long discontinued).
Full Subaru OEM air conditioning compressor kit with hoses and instructions.
Glass headlights from Iceland (left hand drive lenses).
JDM corner markers.
Refurbished sunroof assembly - no leaks.

Comes with:
Extra 30k good running EJ22T.
Extra EJ22T engine crankcase.
Extra JDM 4.11 5MT transmission.
JDM Momo steering wheel (extremely rare).
Extra VF11 turbos.
Every other Legacy Turbo part we can come up with around the shop :o)

Will run but has blown head gasket currently. Swap in spare engine and go or build a 2.5, etc.

All work professionally done by SSI - was an employee personal project. Come see it at our shop.