August 1, 2023

Ultra Rare, 1965 Bristol 409 Coupe

Ultra Rare, 1965 Bristol 409 Coupe

Ultra Rare, 1965 Bristol 409 Coupe For Sale

Found an ultra-rare car, believed only 74 units ever made, and this one of them listed on Craigslist, offered for sale by the owner for $26,000 in Los Angeles, California. It was Shelby's inspiration for the Cobras, a 2-door 409 coupe made by Bristol Cars, a British Manufacturer of hand-built luxury cars headquartered in Bristol, England. It could be a survivor example of the 409 coupes in the US.

This 1965 Bristol 409 Coupe has only 33k original miles on it. All aluminum hand-built body over steel frames is a solid and rust-free car. As the owner says, only the ultra-rich had them, including Queen Elizabeth has one.

Bristol is a big name in World War I and II era, originally they made public transport systems and airplane companies and contributed much to the war effort. During WWII, they produced some legendary aircraft, and after the war ended, they got serious about the car business. Helped by BMW which dropped their blueprints lying around, not long after, the first hand-built Bristol cars from the Filton Aerodrome factory in 1947 get born.

Under the hood sits neatly a 318 V8 Poly factory Mopar Engine power delivered to rear wheels by an automatic transmission. It's complete, has very good bone, and seems like not in run condition, but the owner is reassuring it wouldn't take much to get it running.

The black leather upholstery on the two bucket seats is getting worn, it has a center console, but a transmission shifter on the steering column, overall is a lot better for its age, without rot area. The angle of the shot doesn't show the rear bench and unclear dash, hopefully, no crack, and all instruments such as gauges, AC, and radio are still on it, which would be great to restore.

This one retains its original engine and, most likely, Torqueflite automatic gearbox. Stored for a long time ago, and all of the parts are there. That would be perfect for value because rarety, but as we know makes replacement parts problematic. We can see in the pictures a rather unique car that needs restoration inside and out, but it looks salvageable nonetheless.

Details by seller
1965 Bristol 409 The company AC Bristol was Shelbys inspiration for the Cobras. 318 V8 Poly factory Mopar Engine 33k original Miles Stored Many Years All aluminum hand built body Ultra Rare car only 74 produced Very Few Left Cost of $12,000 new in 1965 (116k in today's money) Only the ultra rich had them. Queen Elizabeth included Wouldn't take much to get it running Clean Calif Title 2024 Registration Do your research on these! Seldom do they come up for sale. Not looking to waste time Or be lowballed or play the What's your lowest price Haggle game. Serious people only that know What they are looking at. Located in The San Francisco Bay Area. If you've read the post and understand everything then Am more then happy to speak with you. Again Serious Parties only $26k FIRM