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August 20, 2017

Barn Find, 1932 Willys Overland 690 Sedan

Barn Find, 1932 Willys Overland Sedan

Barn Find, 1932 Willys Overland 690 Sedan For Sale

This American antique car made by Willys Overland in the 30s, as shown here is a 1932 Willys Overland 690 4-door sedan being offered for sale at craigslist for $10000 located in Hansville, Washington. Described as an original example, that was parked in a barn for the last 67 years after being driven and served the original owner for more or less 20 years since new.

This could be a perfect bone to restore, it has been parked indoors in 1951 with only 79000 miles on it and has never been used ever since. Now needs a light restoration in order to run properly. 86 years old car, the exterior still with its original factory paint and still in great shape with minor surface rust and few dents as a normal sign of usage.

1932 Willys Overland Sedan interior

Its remarkable interior for its age, is very clean and neat seems like rarely use, and does not need serious attention to renovate, it all presents well in photos. Assuming the frame is as good as the photos show, the majority of the effort on this car will go into the rust repair and rebuilt engine.

1932 Willys Overland Sedan Engine

This flathead six-cylinder engine is believed to be genuine and needs a lot of attention in order to make run again. Some parts have been installed and updated but have not made a run, if interested you should come to see them directly to find out how far the job will be needed.

March 17, 2017

Ferrari Hot Rod

Ferrari Hot Rod

Awesome Custom Build, Ferrari Hot Rod

Found this one superb hot rod custom build being offered for sale on Craigslist looking for $250000 located in LA. As you've seen here is a very nice Ferrari Hot Rod based on 1932 Ford chassis and fitted 18 inches black Alan Lee rims wheels-wrapped Achilles racing slick tires to accommodate its performance.

May with its original frame and chassis the Ferrari has a lot more value than this, they should have a compelling reason to do that, but not revealed in the ad.

As far as we can see from the photos and read descriptions, the engine came from a late 80's Ferrari model a 3.0 L V8 form most likely a Dino engine belong Mondial or 308 GTB/GTS. Just guessing, the car was destroyed by accident so they decided to rebuild on a far older Ford frame and chassis to aim for a new Ferrari hot rod car to get born rather than let it suffer with a replica.

Anyways it really cools hot rod car ever seen here, that was an awesome outcome, and a clever decision $250000 is worth it.

Also this no less hot: The Conqueror 1962 Chevrolet Corvette C1RS, Hot Rod Custom

August 13, 2015

Rare, 1932 Hupmobile Series-I 226 Executive Car

Rare, 1932 Hupmobile Series-I 226 Executive Car

Here's a American antique car made by the Hupp Motor Company, as the picture is a Hupmobile Series-I 226 Executive Car 4-door sedan was released in 1932, it's extremely rare only 650 cars ever produced and this one of them still like new condition has only 79983 original miles on it. If you interested please read detail below.

October 31, 2014

1932 Ford Highboy Bad Boy

1932 Ford Highboy Bad Boy

Here's American antique car produced by Ford comes in black, it's a Ford Highboy Roadster released in 1932 had fully custom hot road styles. This car was built right with almost $90k spent and nothing spared..!!

More detail about this car
1932 Ford Highboy Bad Boy built with a high quality fiberglass body that was streached for added interior space, rear roll pan, 1950 Pontiac tail lights, Front grille moved 4" forward, Chopped front windshield, Ford truck 9" headlamps, Beautiful tan leather, tuck and rolled, wrap around interior, Tilt column mounted high for more foot room, 4 spoke steering wheel, soCal black chrome insert with black "Classic Instruments" gages, Roll bar under rear deck, seat / shoulder belts, Custom built console to mount radio speakers & HVAC controls. Vintage air / heat..All this powered by a Chevrolet 350 ZZ4 crate engine, Edekbrock 3x2 polished intake w/ Rochester carbs, Hedman headers, Crane cam with roller lifters & roller rocker arms, Camaro 5-Speed manual transmission with overdrive & Ford 9" posi rear axle with a 4:11 gear ratio.

July 12, 2014