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February 5, 2017

1939 Chevy Master Deluxe

1939 Chevy Master Deluxe

1939 Chevy Master Deluxe for sale

This American passenger vehicle was manufactured by Chevrolet in the pre-war era, and sold as an expensive model at the time, called the Master Deluxe. As offered here a Master Deluxe released in 1939, would be an original example in good condition overall and stored in a garage for the last six years. Runs and drives well with 25343 miles on it. Found this one being offered for sale on Craigslist for $18000 in Kingston, New York.

It's something about the handsome lines of a pre-war Chevy that mostly remains original shape like heyday. With unclear details and very less description in his ad, it could be an unmolested 1939 Chevrolet Master Deluxe ready to take home with price firm. You should come to verify if seriously want.

August 9, 2016

Rare 1939 Studebaker L5 Coupe Express Pickup

1939 Studebaker Coupe Express Pickup

Rare 1939 Studebaker L5 Coupe Express Pickup For Sale

Here's found this one was listed in Craigslist for $35500, a rare American antique coupe utility that was made by Studebaker, were is the outcome of perfect combination between a coupe cabin and an open cargo bed, and is the first a coupe utility was offered in US market by local brand, two decades ahead before followed by other American brands, such as Ford with Ranchero and Chevrolet with El Camino.

For its era, mechanically more advanced than other trucks of the period, more good styling arguably is one of the most innovative commercial vehicles in history but was not followed by commercial success. Total 6000 units was made by the Studebaker Corporation of South Bend, Indiana, during three years of production including unsuccessful of sales 1200 units second generation were built in 1939 partly still in showrooms unsold.

1939 Studebaker L5 Coupe Express Pickup

As shown here is one beautiful example of what we've talking above, is a second generation of the Coupe Express pickup generally known as L5 Coupe Express built in 1939 come from the sold line that has been totally restored. With nicely shaped, decent performance also a perfectly combination of comfort and utility was offered into it, it's not much help of sales at the time. But today it could be greats because its rarity with all historical background that he has, especially like this condition, I'm sure it will raise in value.

1939 Studebaker Coupe Express Pickup

The interior has been rebuilt correctly, all looks clean in white color. Hard to find imperfection from here, hope it's not just a decoration, all the instruments on the dash should be work properly, because of that's will make prospective buyers very happy to play on the highest bid.

1939 Studebaker Coupe Express engine

All looks convincing and promising the engine bay filled by correctly motor, a six-cylinder flathead engine and mated to a 3-speed manual transmission. The owner says it has been rebuilt and bored, runs great and no words about issue.

April 5, 2016

1939 Desoto S6 Business Coupe

1939 Desoto S6 Business Coupe

Rare 1939 Desoto S6 Business Coupe

As shown here is awesome restoration project outcome of a late 30's two-door coupe era. One of the rare American antique car that was produced by Desoto, well known as Desoto S6 Business Coupe, it has been restored, is said runs and drives well, all looks perfect inside and outside, unfortunately the engine photo not included also not many detail was written on its ads, however that's could be a remarkable sample of 1939 Desoto S6 Business Coupe especially for the condition.

The car was posted 8 days ago in Craigslist looking for $17500 located in Canby, Oregon. Hoped that would be fun to kept it, for everyone especially a classic car enthusiast please enjoy.

February 4, 2016

1939 International D30 Truck

1939 International D30 Truck

1939 International D30 Truck

This an American vintage truck was produced by International Harvester, it's a D30 series built in 1939 perform perfectly as a flatbed truck, has been totally restored. The owner claims is all original and as the daily transport for him. This International the D Series line was made to compete with the Diamond T in its era were is both are wearing steel material for its cabin, also the shape was briefly looked like with more streamlined styling echoing the trend in motor car design of the period.

August 15, 2015

1939 Ford 85 Pick Up Truck

1939 Ford 85 Pick Up Truck

Here's awesome American vintage truck produced by Ford in 1939, as the picture is the Model 85 Pick Up truck has been fully restoration a long time ago still looks so good, come with 41,000 original miles on it. Yes this truck for sale, if you interested please read detail below.

May 16, 2015

Rare Classic, 1939 Ford Deluxe Sedan Convertible

Rare Classic, 1939 Ford Deluxe Sedan Convertible

This a rare classic car produced by Ford, as the picture is a luxury vehicle called De Luxe Ford was released in 1939 come in 4-door sedan convertible body type it very rare also in original excellent condition looking for new owner.

May 7, 2014

1939 Buick Century Excellent Condition

1939 Buick Century Excellent Condition

Here we bring a gorgeous 1939 Buick Century fully restored, It's a first for his generation he was is very fast car on that time, he got power from 320 cubic-inch straight eight with 3 speed manual transmission was putting out 141 horsepower, he's faster than Cadillac's most powerful V-8 in last 30's to early 40's.

April 24, 2014

1939 Plymouth Rat Rod Pickup Truck

1939 Plymouth Rat Rod Truck Custom Built

This is a very cool and different rat rod truck that was built by "Bears Rods & Iron Southern California" several years ago.

It is a 1939 Plymouth pickup that has many changes except a chopped top. The basis of the build is from a Dodge motorhome using parts of the chassis for the front suspension and the rear plus the 413 engine and the automatic transmission. There are many modifications done actually to many to list, to get the real feel of the truck is to see it in person I don't think the pictures will justify the actual truck. This truck has been in magazines and the actual build and finished truck can be viewed on "You Tube". Google 1939 Plymouth Rat Rod and 39 Plymouth Rat Rod (the actual build up w/music). This is an excellent driving and good looking truck that can be driven anywhere it has the mileage to prove it, it is ready to go anywhere fly in and drive home.

September 28, 2013

Classic Sportscar 1939 MORGAN 4/4 Flat Rap


Morgan collector car Restored in england engine: ford 100E works perfectly. completely revised Spanish documentation Chassis: 775little.

Morgan Coventry Climax 4/4 Flat rad. 2 seater (old and new log book V5) records confirmed by the Morgan factory. This car has had a total rebuild over a 7 year period. Chassis New galvanised. Morgan chassis number 475. Crosshead New Engine (correct number on V5) fully rebuilt with white metal bearings new pistons etc etc. Radiator Rebuilt with new core. Gearbox rebuilt with new gears and gaskets. Suspention and brakes. Rebuilt using new parts throughout, new shoes,cables etc. Instuments Restored to new by specialist. Body Some body panels retained all others including wings are new. Wood frame Remade in Ash using original as template. Tyres six brand new fitted to restored rims Trim, seats frame as new . New side screens . Original hood frame fitted, New Le Mans steering wheel Modifications Post war indicators on rear,( front sides adapted to flash). Small discreat electric fan....just in case!

It will have road tax and is offered with less than 100 miles since completion This car would be a great addition to any collection.A very rare prewar car that is ready to go and could be used for VSCC events.

March 13, 2013

1939 Kenworth firetruck

Reviving History: The Remarkable Restoration of the 1939 Kenworth Firetruck

Embark on a journey through time as we delve into the captivating restoration of the 1939 Kenworth firetruck. This iconic piece of firefighting history has been meticulously restored to its former glory, showcasing both its historical significance and its timeless charm.

Unveiling a Treasure:
Imagine a time when roaring fire engines dominated the streets, rushing to the rescue with heroic fervor. Among these legends stood the 1939 Kenworth firetruck, a beacon of reliability and resilience. Originally manufactured by the United Aircraft Corp. in 1940, this particular model was one of only five ever produced, each boasting a unique "art deco" design.