January 13, 2023

Very Rare, 1965 NSU Spider

Very Rare, 1965 NSU Spider

Found this one being offered for sale on craigslist, it's a very rare classic car from German produced by NSU Motorenwerke AG. As shown here NSU Spider was the first production car in the world to be powered by a Wankel rotary engine that has the unique advantages of compact design and low weight over the most commonly used internal combustion engine employing reciprocating pistons. As the picture is one of 2,375 NSU Spiders ever made and very few exported to the US, was released in 1965 still in original condition but doesn't run condition.

Detail by owner
Very rare 1965 NSU Spider, original car, has only 13000 miles, nice original interior, dose not run but engine turns freely, needs windshield, solid car ready for restoration.

what we have here is a 1965 NSU Wankel Spider Cabriolet with 13,665 miles on the odometer . This very rare car - with only 2,375 built over a four year production period - makes it a highly desirable collectible today. The car is finished in White with its original Red and Black Vinyl Interior which is in very good condition. This NSU cabriolet has a convertible roof that needs to be replaced. Apart from its water-cooled single rotor engine and standard front disc brakes, the NSU Wankel Spider was in most respects unremarkable.

First appearing at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1964, the Spider featured a two-door cabriolet body based on that of the NSU Sport Prinz coupé introduced back in 1959. In addition to the folding roof, the Spider was distinguishable from the hard top car by a grill at the front. As with all NSU cars at the time, the engine was rear-mounted: in order to improve weight distribution, space was found for the Spider’s radiator and for its 35-liter (9 US gal) fuel tank ahead of the driver. The front luggage locker was in consequence small. There was a second luggage area in the rear of the car.

This 1965 NSU Wankel Spider Cabriolet needs a new windshield and a new top, the engine turns but is not running, but in general, this will make a terrific and interesting project car. This car is unlikely to last long so if an antique NSU Spider is something you might be interested in, act now.

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