July 9, 2015

Fair Lady 260Z

Fair Lady 260Z

Nice Japanese sport car offered by Nissan under Datsun flag, as the picture is a Fairlady 260Z was released in 1974 has been rebuilt with more 100K original miles on it, looking for new owner.

Detail by owner
This is my 4th Datsun and by far the best. I purchased this Z about 4 years ago. The original owner sold it to me due to a stroke and could no longer drive the 4 speed stick. He shared with me the story of it sitting on the showroom floor in California.

Complete with factory OEM door ding guards. The moment I saw this car I knew right away he was a maintenance freak as I am. The very first thing you see is NO CRACKS IN THE DASH! I was amazed! Original UNCRACKED DASH with NO cheap carpet cover or dash cap. Garage pampered California rust free car. Anything broken he fixed for the most part. He did disconnect the A/C but I do have it on hand. The interior is ALL original right down to the AM/FM radio and floor mats with Z on it. (although the drivers side does have a wear hole in it, it is original) There is a small tear on the original seat (Shown on photo). There are a couple of rock chips on the windshield...HOWEVER it too is also original! Some small rock chips in the paint in various places and the gentleman told me that in the mid 80s there was a slight fender bender on the right front fender which was fixed but a trained eye can see a little bit of paint chip around the side marker. He said it was someone backing up and not seeing him. There are a couple of door dings on the passenger door, parking brake needs to be adjusted and of course the duel carbs do need a tune up. Its running a bit rich. It fires right up without a problem though. There are no standard mufflers but glass packs instead. It makes a nice aggressive rumble.

The motor is very sound. The uppers were rebuilt at 100K. Very LOW MILES for a car being 41 years old. It has approximately 108,000 Miles. I never have noticed any oil leaks either. The carbs as I said, do need a tune up but is very smooth down the road. Sorry, the clock doesn't work. But have you ever known very many Z's where it did?

I have only driven this car, basically on nice weekend days for short little drives or in our local parade, where I did take a blue ribbon 1st place for nicest car.

The first owner said it was a weekend car when he was in the mood to drive. Other than that is stays in the garage.
It is NOT a 2+2. This car is meant only for you and your better half!
Car is a real head turner and gets a lot of conversation at the pump.