1962 Plymouth Valiant

1962 Plymouth Valiant

1962 Plymouth Valiant for sale

Found this one interesting car to restoring, just posted in Craigslist looking for $1900 located in Hollywood. As shown here is first generation of the Plymouth Valiant released in 1962 fairly cool in blue 4-door sedan body. The Valiant were known has good reputations about its excellent durability and reliability, and was one of Chrysler's best-selling automobiles in 60s to 70s, and keeping the company survive during its hard economic times on the period.

Very less details and just few photos to convince potential buyers, not all represented. This far from what's that mean about the ideal ad to make a good deal, but what we've see here it's possibly to sell.

Looking for a classic car enthusiasm with different standpoint than many laymen it could be a nicest hot rod on the future, it has perfect bone to restoration project. All looks promising represented by photos, hard to find issue from here you should come to see directly to get accurate calculation and to fit with your budget, good luck.

Details by owner
1962 Plymouth Valiant
Push bottom shifter
Runs very good
Rebuilt v6 in line
New battery
New water pump
New tires
New alternator
Power steering
Damaged door

Interested please visit link below

All Original, 1952 Plymouth Cranbrook

All Original, 1952 Plymouth Cranbrook

All Original, 1952 Plymouth Cranbrook For Sale

Found this one American antique car that was made by Plymouth in early of the 50s, as shown here is one original example of the Plymouth Cranbrook built in 1952 has been driven about 67000 miles looking for $2950 located in Port Orchard, Washington.

The Cranbrook is one short production line of the Plymouth automobiles only 3 years start from 1951 to 1953 sold as a full-size car with higher trim level than the Plymouth Concord and Cambridge, for the period.

1952 Plymouth Cranbrook Interior

If you're looking interesting classic car project, this could be perfect object for you. Overall the appearance look promising inside and outside, unfortunately the engine bay photo not provided by seller. You should come if seriously want.

1968 Plymouth Roadrunner Hemi

1968 Plymouth Roadrunner Hemi

1968 Plymouth Roadrunner Hemi For Sale

This 1968 Plymouth Road Runner has powered by 426 Hemi is excellent condition come in red VIN: BH29B8B299219. Was listed in Craigslist looking for a new owner is minimalist ad but looks so interesting with a lot photos included. As shown here is the earliest of first generation Road Runner was built in 1968 fairly coolest.

The Road Runner is a mid-size car with a focus on performance built by Plymouth in the United States designed and developed to compete into muscle cars genre with unusually offer were is moving away from their roots as relatively cheap.

1968 Plymouth Roadrunner Interior

The interior is claimed to be original it looks spartan with a basic vinyl bench seat and dash look nice all looks awesome for its ages, hard to find imperfection from here.

1968 Plymouth Roadrunner 426 Hemi Engine

Not clear about "now with 426 Hemi" was written on its ad, no matter its fitted by factory or not, match or not but now, you've seen here is a 426 Hemi all looks awesome. Backed by correct hemi 4-speed manual transmission.

When we posting here, it already offered in Craigslist about 7 days ago, asking $65000 located in Salem, South Carolina. As always a closer inspection needed order to accurately condition.

1937 Plymouth P4 DeLuxe 2-door Sedan

1937 Plymouth P4 DeLuxe 2-door Sedan

American Classic, 1937 Plymouth P4 DeLuxe 2-door Sedan For Sale

Found this one piece of the American automotive heritage, the first decade Plymouth automobile were known as P4 series and this a particular example of the rare model still runs and drives well today. The seller claims for the 1937 productions only 7,926 of the total 566,128 Plymouth P4 DeLuxe's was come as 2-door sedan and this one of them, it making more collectible than 4-door model especially like this condition. There were little bit differences between of them, on the back side 2-door model has more sloping shape than the 4-door.

CHECK OUT: 1937 Plymouth P4 DeLuxe 4-door Sedan

1937 Plymouth P4 DeLuxe Interior Inside

Here's we put this interior photo as a highlight here, all looks perfect as the basic of best, and taking this angle quite good to represent the condition, although not all visible still you'll get a good feel for first time. Don't worry if you want more, please have a look the other photos below. Though spartan, the interior is said original and complete, and it shows quite well overall. The door panels and seats has been re-covered, but we’re curious about the odometer and the radio conditions, would be greats if are work properly too.

1937 Plymouth P4 DeLuxe straight-six engine

As you've seen here is a correctly engine of the Plymouth P4, it carry a 3.3L or 201ci straight-six engine were can produce about 80-82 horse power backed by 3-speed manual transmission and still running with factory 6-volt electrical system. Though the old, the car is said to runs and drives very well no issue mentioned, awesome.

1975 Plymouth Trailduster Sport 4x4

1975 Plymouth Trailduster 4x4 SUV

1975 Plymouth Trailduster Sport 4x4

Here's we found this one a rare American vintage SUV, maybe some of you think this is a Ramcharger, but it's a Trailduster. Yes this twin brothers of the Dodge Ramcharger was coming from Plymouth families is a large sport utility vehicle. As we've seen here is a Plymouth Trailduster 4x4 1975 model year seems has been rebuilt and restored all looks great, the owner said is runs and drives very well. Not many details and info was written on its ad, already posted about a month ago in craigslist hoped still available.