Classic VW Bus 21 Window

Classic VW Bus 21 Window

Classic VW Bus 21 Window For Sale

Here's one most collectible vehicle of the Volkswagen automobile, more than Beetle yes it about classic VW Bus, as shown here is 21 window model built in 1966 has been fully restoration. The bus was listed in Craigslist for $115000, all looks perfect and neat in Sea Blue and Cumulus White colors.

Given the six-digit numbers of the price, it reflects about restoration example at a high quality level, must be sold to seriously person who consciously know exactly what the money goes.

Classic VW Bus 21 Window Interior

Unfortunately not was included engine photos, but the interior photo has better filing, walk-through, seven passenger seats all looks awesome. And the other photos are shown good too, such as the door trim panels, sunroof, clock, and radio it all greats. Not sure, there are awkwardness on the front side, see at left of a turn light, I hope it just a reflection of the surrounding environment come.

Already posted in Craigslist about 2 months ago, still online when we write here. As always a closer inspection needed for a good deals.

1966 Chevy C60 School Bus

1966 Chevy C60 School Bus For Sale

Here's we found this one in Craigslist a vintage American school bus that was made by Chevrolet, built in 1966 based on the C60 truck series. The owner says is runs and drives good backed by a 327 V8 engine with 5-speed manual transmission less then 90K miles on it, and has potential to rebuilt. Although is a small block engine, some people out there said a 327 Chevy has better performance than a 350.

The bus seemed have a changed his function into camper but is unfinished, need interior work to be done. This might be interesting to bring it on the RVing and Camping season.

1966 Chevy Sportvan Deluxe

1966 Chevy Sportvan Deluxe

1966 Chevy Sportvan Deluxe

Here's we found this one of the American vans was inspired by Volkswagen bus, that's were made by General Motors for Chevrolet brand, have two van models was designed to disturb the VW bus domination in US compact van market at that time, first is the Greenbrier van and the second is G-Series van and also to compete with the traditional competitor Ford Econoline and Dodge A100.

As we've seen here is 1966 Chevy G10 Deluxe Sportvan it a final model year of the first generation G-Series vans is said good condition with have lots of extra parts, no mechanical issue was mentioned but need repair floors and minus passenger seats. The van already posted in Craigslist about 13 days ago looking for $6000. This could be a seriously cool candidate as to converted into camper van.

Rare Classic Car, 1966 Volga GAZ 21

Rare Classic Car 1966 Volga GAZ 21

Rare Classic Car, Third Series 1966 Volga GAZ 21 Sedan

Here's found this one rare classic car were is an USSR heritage, is said has been totally restored, it same car as the Russian KGB use in its era. Yes we talking about the Volga GAZ 21 executive sedan as we've seen here is a third generation commonly known as the third-series was released in 1966 already offered in Craigslist about 21 days ago. Rarely found in excellent condition even in his Mother land Russia.

That's could be a remarkable Volga for its ages, and is one perfect sample of the classic Russian cars ever see in here CHECK OUT: 1962 Volga GAZ 21 Deluxe Limited Edition

Absolutely Pristine, 1966 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray

Absolutely Pristine, 1966 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray

Here's one of the best American sport car made by Chevrolet, as the picture is a second generation of the Corvette commonly known as the C2 come with fiberglass body panels and smaller than its first generation known as Sting Ray model. Released in 1966 absolutely pristine Corvette unrestored car looking who want to keep up its one of piece American automobile history.