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February 13, 2023

1956 Citroen Traction Avant

1956 Citroen Traction Avant

1956 Citroen Traction Avant For Sale By Owner

So here’s an original first unibody front-wheel-drive car in the world, a solid example offered for sale on craigslist for $13,000 in Cecil County, Maryland. Own a piece of world motoring history, the 1956 Citroen Traction Avant featured here is said to be a dry, slightly rusty example.

The French are trying to make a lighter and more agile vehicle, then born the Traction Avant's structure was a welded unitary body with chassis, most other cars of the era were based on a separate frame (chassis and body separate), but today most car construction followed the French.

January 13, 2023

Rare Big Block, 1967 Dodge Coronet 500SE

Rare Big Block, 1967 Dodge Coronet 500SE

Rare Big Block, 1967 Dodge Coronet 500SE For Sale

Found this fifth generation of the Dodge Coronet being offered for sale on craigslist for $15,900 located in Milford, Massachusetts. As shown here, hard to find today, especially in this condition, it's a special edition of the Coronet released in 1967 commonly known as the 500SE (Special Edition), a four-door sedan with a hardtop style born during the muscle car era, so he brought a big block engine 383 cu in B "Magnum" V8 mated with automatic transmission can produce 4bbl 325hp.

October 12, 2022

1969 Rover 2000 Original Survivor

1969 Rover 2000 Original Survivor

1969 Rover 2000 Original Survivor For Sale

Found this immaculate example of the British executive cars built by British Leyland (BL), under the Rover flag, being offered for sale on Craigslist asking $4,950 location at Tarzana, Los Angeles. It's ultra-rare in the US, especially in its condition, it could be a remarkable example of the 1969 Rover 2000 4-door Sedan.

The 53-year-old sedan is a highly original and complete survivor that runs and drives well with 64,000 original miles on it. The Interior is in remarkably good shape, with some retouching in its original color. This is a great chance if you want to grab a slice of British executive saloon goodness on the market today.

September 19, 2022

1984 Audi 4000S 50k Miles

1984 Audi 4000S 50k Miles

1984 Audi 4000S 50k Miles For Sale

Found this one nice example of the best 80s cars was posted at craigslist about 26 days ago and still online today, as shown here is Audi 4000S build in 1984 ready to adopt. The car looks clean outside to inside has perfect shape to, like a new car only 50k miles on it.

The car was affordable to buy, cheap to run and a huge amount of fun, but it has some issue. So if you're interested should come to closer inspection to find out its actually condition.

The interior looks nice judging from the photos but remember its not a new car its a used car, so it would be perffect base to restore.

This not original motor, as we know this model has straight-five engine same as late model 80's VW Rabbit GTI, so parts are very easy to come by.

CHECK OUT: 1986 Audi 4000 Quattro Turbo Race Car

December 2, 2021

Great 1965 Mercedes-Benz 190D

Great 1965 Mercedes-Benz 190D

Own a Piece of Mercedes History: The Enduring 1965 Mercedes-Benz 190D

Calling all classic car enthusiasts and Mercedes-Benz aficionados! Are you on the hunt for a timeless and reliable sedan that combines iconic design with legendary German engineering? Look no further than this beautifully preserved 1965 Mercedes-Benz 190D.

A Diesel Dynasty Begins
Produced from 1961 to 1965, the 190D marked a pivotal moment for Mercedes-Benz. Following the success of the larger fintail 220 models, the 190D emerged as a more economical option powered by a frugal yet robust diesel engine. This innovation cemented the 190D's reputation as a dependable workhorse, particularly popular among taxi drivers across Europe due to its impressive fuel efficiency and spacious trunk.

November 6, 2017

1923 Franklin 10B Sedan

1923 Franklin 10B Sedan

1923 Franklin 10B Sedan For Sale

This old car offered for sale on Craigslist is one example of the late production cars made by an American manufacturer Franklin Automobile Company. 1923 Franklin 10B Sedan recently fresh out of 35 years of storage.

Franklin was a luxury brand for the period, that sold about 150,000 cars over more than 30 years in existence. And this belief as one original example still exists today. An interesting candidate for an antique restoration project.

August 20, 2017

Barn Find, 1932 Willys Overland 690 Sedan

Barn Find, 1932 Willys Overland Sedan

Barn Find, 1932 Willys Overland 690 Sedan For Sale

This American antique car made by Willys Overland in the 30s, as shown here is a 1932 Willys Overland 690 4-door sedan being offered for sale at craigslist for $10000 located in Hansville, Washington. Described as an original example, that was parked in a barn for the last 67 years after being driven and served the original owner for more or less 20 years since new.

This could be a perfect bone to restore, it has been parked indoors in 1951 with only 79000 miles on it and has never been used ever since. Now needs a light restoration in order to run properly. 86 years old car, the exterior still with its original factory paint and still in great shape with minor surface rust and few dents as a normal sign of usage.

1932 Willys Overland Sedan interior

Its remarkable interior for its age, is very clean and neat seems like rarely use, and does not need serious attention to renovate, it all presents well in photos. Assuming the frame is as good as the photos show, the majority of the effort on this car will go into the rust repair and rebuilt engine.

1932 Willys Overland Sedan Engine

This flathead six-cylinder engine is believed to be genuine and needs a lot of attention in order to make run again. Some parts have been installed and updated but have not made a run, if interested you should come to see them directly to find out how far the job will be needed.

July 3, 2017

Potential Example, 1977 BMW 530i Sedan

Potential Example, 1977 BMW 530i Sedan

A Lot Of Potential Example, 1977 BMW 530i Sedan For Sale

Found this one potential example of the BMW 5 Series lineage offered for sale at Craigslist for $5200 in San Diego, California. 1977 BMW 530i 4-door sedan listed as a barn find and one owner example with 77k original miles on it. All looks nicely shown in the photos. Unfortunately, the engine bay photos were unprovided.

The BMW looks well preserved from every angle provided, photos are limited, and lighting is not 100% ideal. Not a perfect condition but is a potential bone as a light restoration project, if you're one prospective buyer, must see it directly to get its actual condition to consider it as a good deal.

June 4, 2017

Only One in the World, 1984 Stutz Victoria Limousine

Only One in the World, 1984 Stutz Victoria Limousine

Only One in the World, 1984 Stutz Victoria Limousine For Sale

The most American-made cars and trucks can claim as much as 90% of U.S.-sourced content includes the design. As shown here is one of the classic American-made cars offered in the 80's, despite it was built in Italy but the design is deliberately like that to fulfill American taste, looking older than most cars at that time. Designed exclusively as a luxury car made by Stutz Motor Company based in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

This 1984 Stutz Victoria Limousine the only one in the world with side pipes claimed by the seller. The shape and apperance look very similiar with other model the Blackhawk, the difference is only on the number of doors between both, four for Victoria and two for Blackhawk.

The interior remained with its original 24 carat gold trim, equipped a lot modern stuff with retro classic style into it, all still look clean and neat at the 33 age. On the dash has fitted the high-tech of the 80s audio system and the rear - ample legroom comes with huge trays and a TV.

This a V8-307ci engine supplied by Oldsmobile still running properly with only 11630 miles on it. It same engine which fitted at one of the Oldsmobile Delta 88 family. In my mind, it could be an Old Delta 88 goes to Italy just to makeover his clothes with expensive materials were styled by Stutz, but...

Obviously it could be amazingly car ever made, it has so many crazy things to making it happen including its ridiculously high production cost just for shipping between US and Italy. This car was a high class car built in 1984 with everything it has, sold apparently close to $100K in that time, which is the equivalent of $250K or more today. Not sure but most sources say only about twenty of this Victoria model were made and this could be one of them.

By rarity is very real and the condition was greats for its age, but the price seems like does not reflect high of value, not ideal for investment. Does it mean "Rare Doesn't Always Mean Desireable" may is the words that are suitable for this car. Would probably suit to a rich man with eccentric souls.

May 25, 2017

Original 1954 Packard Cavalier Sedan

1954 Packard Cavalier Sedan

Original 1954 Packard Cavalier Sedan For Sale

It was an old American car made by Packard in the 50s. A short production line car, only two of 1953 and 1954 were offered as a four-door sedan only, called the Cavalier designed to replace the Packard 300 model. Here is one original example of a 1954 Packard Cavalier still in good condition with the rare Senior trim package offered for sale by the owner.

Light restoration work needs to be completed. It has been restored but remains in its original paint, the interior has been refinished except for the headliner, and there are no reports of any mechanical problems or leaks, overall it is in good condition for its age.

1954 Packard Cavalier Interior

Not all are touched by renovation, there is still a little work that needs make it perfect. The good thing is some modifications and upgrades to meet modern safety regulations, new 3-point seat belts in the front and lap belts in the rear have been added.

1954 Packard Cavalier Motor

The 327 Straight eight engine is mated to an automatic transmission, sits neatly in place, and there's nothing to distract the eye, all looks clean, hope all is done right. It's great to see what has been done, it looks like the hard work has been done. So it's just a matter of how you get on with it, that's the point.

April 30, 2017

Barn Find, 1931 Rockne 65

Barn Find, 1931 Rockne 65

Barn Find, 1931 Rockne 65 For Sale

Found this one on Craigslist, a rare American automobile made by Studebaker Corporation under the Rockne brand. Reportedly only 24000 units were ever made in 2 production years and only 230 still exist today and this one of them. The car is being offered for sale in Tucson, Arizona looking for $14995.

As you've seen here is a barn find Rockne 65 4-door sedan built in 1931 with 6009 miles shown on the odometer. No words about the mechanical issue and no background were written in its ad, but the car hasn't been driven for a few years and is very completely reported. If you are one of those who often restore the glory of the past through an antique car, this is a perfect example for your next patient.

1931 Rockne 65 Interior

No words about renovated, but the interior shows quite decent condition for its age. No rotten hole seen from here, that's could be the perfect bone if you want to renovate.

1931 Rockne 65 Engine

Looked dusty and unkempt, but looks promising. The six-cylinder Studebaker engine is still there in his place and there’s no word about mechanical issues, we bet it's still rebuildable. If you want to find an American antique car beyond the familiar brand, the Rockne 65 is more worthy of restoration than Ford or Chevy.

March 28, 2017

Nice Custom Bagged, 1951 Special Tourback Sedan

Custom Bagged, 1951 Special Tourback Sedan

Nice Custom Bagged, 1951 Special Tourback Sedan

Found this one cool bagging custom build based on American antique car, as shown here is 1951 Buick Series 40 Special Tourback 2-door sedan still with its original engine and drivetrain fairly cool in black with the cherry red wheels and original Buick hubcaps. No mechanical issue, all in good shape overall, only few instrument not working properly but not important things to disturb its performance.

Hard to find imperfection from here should come if you serious, with minor repair or replaced few parts that would be be perfect. The vehicle was offered for sale by current owner, asking $13000 located in Atascadero, California.

March 6, 2017

Daily Driver 1953 Willys Aero

Daily Driver 1953 Willys Aero

Daily Driver 1953 Willys Aero 2-Door Sedan

This an American antique car that was made by Willys, was a line of passenger cars manufactured first by Willys-Overland and later by Kaiser-Willys Corporation from 1952 through 1955 which are known as Willys Aero. As you've seen here is one unmolested example of the Willys Aero 2-door sedan, released in 1953 almost 64 years old still in original condition, ready for daily use.

Not the most perfect but it's a perfect bone to restore, it has been driven about 72000 miles, no machanical issue, the exterior looks nice with a new paint and needs few work in interior side to be perfect. That was offered for sale in Craigslist asking $5556 located in Denver Colorado.

February 26, 2017

1968 Buick Skylark Hardtop

1968 Buick Skylark Hardtop

1968 Buick Skylark Hardtop

This a beautiful classic American car that was made by Buick, as you've seen here is fairly cool 4-door hardtop sedan well-known as fourth generation of Buick Skylark released in 1968 still look greats was shown by photos. Found this one in a pile of a lot Craigslist ads and one of many minimalist ads who tries to find a potential buyer today, asking $4995 located in San Diego, California.

Despite very less info and detail, unclear the original condition or results of restoration, and the engine bay photos not provided, that's all not matter so far the appearance looks cool in and out. This could be one remarkable example of 1968 Buick Skylark that was looking for a new owner with reasonable price.

February 25, 2017

Great Classic 1973 BMW 2002

Great Classic 1973 BMW 2002

Great Classic 1973 BMW 2002 For Sale

Found this one the German classic car being offered for sale in Chula Vista, California. That was posted about 10 days ago on Craigslist looking for $12000 described in excellent condition could be perfect to be a daily driver. As shown here is a variant of the BMW 02 Series well-known as BMW 2002 that was released in 1973 fairly cool 2-door sedan body with a rounded lamp style.

The 02 Series was sold as compact executive cars produced between 1966 and 1977 by German automaker BMW, based on a shortened version of the New Class Sedans. Despite little success in the Trans Am Series competing in the two-liter class, were was dominated by Alfa Romeo, Porsche, and Datsun, the BMW 02 Series still make enthusiasts' attention and established BMW as an international great brand.

Unfortunately, the photo not represented all the interior angles, you should come for a closer inspection if need to know of detail. What we can see from this photo, the steering was replaced by the original Momo steering wheel as well as the seats seems to have been reupholstery with Recaro leather seats. The feature and dash instruments look complete, and hopefully, are works properly as well.

As shown here is the correct engine, a 1,990 cc four-cylinder M10 non-turbo engine mated by 4-speed manual transmission seems to be free of mechanical issues and unknown miles, not notified.

February 24, 2017

1962 Plymouth Valiant

1962 Plymouth Valiant

1962 Plymouth Valiant for sale

Found this one interesting car to restoring, just posted in Craigslist looking for $1900 located in Hollywood. As shown here is first generation of the Plymouth Valiant released in 1962 fairly cool in blue 4-door sedan body. The Valiant were known has good reputations about its excellent durability and reliability, and was one of Chrysler's best-selling automobiles in 60s to 70s, and keeping the company survive during its hard economic times on the period.

Very less details and just few photos to convince potential buyers, not all represented. This far from what's that mean about the ideal ad to make a good deal, but what we've see here it's possibly to sell.

Looking for a classic car enthusiasm with different standpoint than many laymen it could be a nicest hot rod on the future, it has perfect bone to restoration project. All looks promising represented by photos, hard to find issue from here you should come to see directly to get accurate calculation and to fit with your budget, good luck.

Details by owner
1962 Plymouth Valiant
Push bottom shifter
Runs very good
Rebuilt v6 in line
New battery
New water pump
New tires
New alternator
Power steering
Damaged door

Interested please visit link below

February 11, 2017

Unrestored 1937 Packard One-Fifteen

Unrestored 1937 Packard One-Fifteen

Unrestored 1937 Packard One-Fifteen For Sale

Found this one on Craigslist looking for a new owner, as shown here is an unrestored example of the American classic car offered by the original owner for $20000 located in Magalia, California.

This 1937 Packard One-Fifteen 4-door sedan, most remains with factory trim, one owner since new, and only 62000 miles on it. Reportedly runs and drives well and is always garaged. Sound good, it could be a perfect bone. Interesting car to restore, or be Hot Rod custom-built and it's ready for a new look.

February 9, 2017

Original 1935 Rolls-Royce 20/25

Original 1935 Rolls-Royce 20/25

Original 1935 Rolls-Royce 20/25 For Sale

Found this one being offered on Craigslist looking for $58900 located in Tarzana, California. As shown here is a British luxury car released in 1935 it was the second of the pre-war small horsepower engines that were built by Rolls-Royce in the 30s era commonly known as the 20/25 model.

The 20/25 is one most successful sales of that time, was very popular, and emerge as one of the world’s greatest brands representing the best in automotive design & engineering. Reportedly about 3,827 units were produced and around 70% are still running on the roads today, this is one example of them.

February 5, 2017

1939 Chevy Master Deluxe

1939 Chevy Master Deluxe

1939 Chevy Master Deluxe for sale

This American passenger vehicle was manufactured by Chevrolet in the pre-war era, and sold as an expensive model at the time, called the Master Deluxe. As offered here a Master Deluxe released in 1939, would be an original example in good condition overall and stored in a garage for the last six years. Runs and drives well with 25343 miles on it. Found this one being offered for sale on Craigslist for $18000 in Kingston, New York.

It's something about the handsome lines of a pre-war Chevy that mostly remains original shape like heyday. With unclear details and very less description in his ad, it could be an unmolested 1939 Chevrolet Master Deluxe ready to take home with price firm. You should come to verify if seriously want.

January 15, 2017

All Original, 1952 Plymouth Cranbrook

All Original, 1952 Plymouth Cranbrook

All Original, 1952 Plymouth Cranbrook For Sale

Found this one American antique car that was made by Plymouth in early of the 50s, as shown here is one original example of the Plymouth Cranbrook built in 1952 has been driven about 67000 miles looking for $2950 located in Port Orchard, Washington.

The Cranbrook is one short production line of the Plymouth automobiles only 3 years start from 1951 to 1953 sold as a full-size car with higher trim level than the Plymouth Concord and Cambridge, for the period.

1952 Plymouth Cranbrook Interior

If you're looking interesting classic car project, this could be perfect object for you. Overall the appearance look promising inside and outside, unfortunately the engine bay photo not provided by seller. You should come if seriously want.